Candida Albicans is a white cotton wool like fungus which resides largely within the bowel.  This yeast like substance is controlled by larger numbers of healthy bacteria.  When healthy bacteria are destroyed by the indiscriminate dispensing of anti-biotics or by mercury leaking into the digestive tract from silver fillings, candida then has no competition for food and spreads throughout the digestive tract.  At this point candida feeds on sugars, alcohol and refined carbohydrates releasing 79 toxic neuropoisons into the system, per candida cell.  Not surprisingly candida overgrowth causes fatigue, depression, irritable bowel (IBS) and a range of other health conditions. 

The diet required to combat candida would of sugar free, fruit free, alcohol free and would emphasize vegetables, proteins and fibrous foods such as brown rice, flaxseed meal, beans and pulses. 

Supplements to take would include acidophiles to repopulate the bowel with healthy bacteria, caprylic acid to destroy the candida cells within the bowel and goldenseal or oregano oil caps to kill the candida cells within the blood.  For those with sluggish bowel movements it is also important to take a bowel cleansing formula such as psyllium husks to ensure rapid removal of the dying yeast cells from the body.

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