Anxiety is a feeling of worry that can exhibit itself both mentally and physically, affecting our thoughts and actions. It can be manifested with the unpleasant mental symptoms of fear,  stress, concern, depression, cloudy thoughts, or unease; and in our bodies as fatigue, restlessness, and muscle tension. Though distressing, these biological responses can move an individual to action in order to overcome a current threatening situation. Generalized anxiety, or generalized anxiety disorders, can occur without a specific stressor, or be an irrational, exaggerated, excessive, and completely unbeatable concern; leaving us without the challenge our mind, body, and spirit are concerned with. Depression and Anxiety can go hand in hand, and can form circular thought patterns that feed into each other and dramatically reduce your quality of life. Psychiatric practice treats the symptoms chemically, which can lead to substance dependence, side-effects, and potentially other disorders if not taken correctly. Taking a more natural approach to anxiety disorder treatment allows for exploration of causes as well as addressing the symptoms.

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