Postpartum Issues

Like just about everything else in your life, your body faces significant changes in the weeks and months following your baby's birth. In this postpartum period, which begins immediately after delivery, your body will heal from childbirth, rebuild its strength and begin to regain its pre-pregnancy shape.

The more you know about what to expect, the better prepared you'll be to cope with the physical and emotional changes that come post-pregnancy.


Women may experience a wide range of postpartum problems, some more serious than others and each with its own symptoms. Some of the more common problems include:

Postpartum infections, (including uterine, bladder, or kidney infections)

Excessive bleeding after delivery

Pain in the perineal area (between the vagina and the rectum)

Vaginal discharge

Breast problems, such as swollen breasts, infection and clogged ducts

Stretch marks

Hemorrhoids and constipation

Urinary or fecal (stool) incontinence

Hair loss

Postpartum depression

Discomfort during sex

Difficulty regaining your pre-pregnancy shape

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